It’s Monday!

You may have noticed that the majority of last weeks posts were kind of “canned” posts.  I have several original posts started, but was side-tracked by a stomach bug moving through the house.  Everyone else seemed to recover in 24 hours, but I think because I’m still nursing my 12 month old twins, the lack of ability to hold down food for 36 hours laid me out a little bit longer.  Besides, a mom doesn’t have the luxury to rest.  So it’s Monday, all the school going children are in school, the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms are back to reasonable states of cleanliness, and hopefully I can spend some time in reflection and polish up something new to present to the ether.

We’re over halfway through Lent now, are you feeling the coming of Easter?  I’d like to try to add something new to our celebration of the season this year.  What are your favorite traditions?