A story of contradiction and contempt. Peter has spoken.

A story of contradiction and contempt. Peter has spoken.


He is the most influential man on the face of the earth, the chief shepherd entrusted with the keys, the steward of the household of faith. His flock numbers over a billion souls, over every tribe, tongue, and nation. What is he, who is he? He has seen offenses from within and without century after century, myriads crash against him, rail at his call, but nothing can move him. His office is the offense of the entire world. Protestants say he’s the devil incarnate, ‘anti-Christ.’ Schismatics cry, “Father never gave you this authority you are a thief robbing the house of God!” The world calls him dated, a fool.

People in his own house mock and ridicule him, constant rebellion on all sides, yet he keeps to the task directing the ship through the rough waters of humanity, keeping the teaching of the faith intact against every force of hell. This is for sure, either his office is the greatest ecclesiastical gift to humanity that God has ever given, or he is the devil in white.

The claim of him is great for sure; so daring, so huge, what could keep it intact for millennia but heaven or hell. Watching worlds and civilizations crumble before his watching eye, holding the Keys of David as steward of the King. Seeing every heresy come and go, only to see it reemerge a few centuries later.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, if he is a devil could he hide it? For he has penned a multitude for us to read, only if we took the time to hear the voice of Peter. Read the Papal encyclicals of the Church and tell me if you find the devil there. If you do, then I have nothing left to say for all I see is the voice of truth resounding to the ends of the earth.

Either he is what he says he is, or his office is the greatest hoax in all of world history. But do not lies beget lies? Then why is he the soundest voice in every generation against the devil’s assault against humanity? Why does he stand alone regarding birth control? While all of Christendom embraces sex without life as a universal norm. And he cries to everyone on earth and within his own Church, foul corruption against love and life, STOP!! While public opinion laughs at him. For sure he is only popular with the pure of heart. Sounds like another Man.

Even the Son of Man has endured all the same attacks. How can I show you an ocean of life with just a bucket of wisdom? Why not start with life, his cry of stop the madness. His work that was penned in the 1960’s telling of a world in which we now live, “Humanae Vitae.” Peter has spoken.