Book Talk Tuesday, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 1, Chapter 11

Book Talk Tuesday, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 1, Chapter 11


Of the Gifts of God.


1. PLACE yourself in the Presence of God. 2. Ask Him to inspire your


1. Consider the material gifts God has given you–your body, and the
means for its preservation; your health, and all that maintains it;
your friends and many helps. Consider too how many persons more
deserving than you are without these gifts; some suffering in health or
limb, others exposed to injury, contempt and trouble, or sunk in
poverty, while God has willed you to be better off.

2. Consider the mental gifts He has given you. Why are you not stupid,
idiotic, insane like many you wot of? Again, God has favoured you with
a decent and suitable education, while many have grown up in utter

3. Further, consider His spiritual gifts. You are a child of His
Church, God has taught you to know Himself from your youth. How often
has He given you His Sacraments? what inspirations and interior light,
what reproofs, He has given to lead you aright; how often He has
forgiven you, how often delivered you from occasions of falling; what
opportunities He has granted for your soul’s progress! Dwell somewhat
on the detail, see how Loving and Gracious God has been to you.

Affections and Resolutions.

1. Marvel at God’s Goodness. How good He has been to me, how abundant
in mercy and plenteous in loving-kindness! O my soul, be thou ever
telling of the great things the Lord has done for thee!

2. Marvel at your own ingratitude. What am I, Lord, that Thou
rememberest me? How unworthy am I! I have trodden Thy Mercies under
foot, I have abused Thy Grace, turning it against Thy very Self; I have
set the depth of my ingratitude against the deep of Thy Grace and

3. Kindle your gratitude. O my soul, be no more so faithless and
disloyal to thy mighty Benefactor! How should not my whole soul serve
the Lord, Who has done such great things in me and for me?

4. Go on, my daughter, to refrain from this or that material
indulgence; let your body be wholly the servant of God, Who has done so
much for it: set your soul to seek Him by this or that devout practice
suitable thereto. Make diligent use of the means provided by the Church
to help you to love God and save your soul. Resolve to be constant in
prayer and seeking the Sacraments, in hearing God’s Word, and in
obeying His inspirations and counsels.


1. Thank God for the clearer knowledge He has given you of His benefits
and your own duty.

2. Offer your heart and all its resolutions to Him.

3. Ask Him to strengthen you to fulfil them faithfully by the Merits of
the Death of His Son. OUR FATHER, etc. Gather the little spiritual