Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

My Lord and my God:   My 12 year old son prayed over me yesterday, what a word of encouragement! He said, ”You are an ox and God is the farmer, God is going to plow the field through you,” then He says, “The Lord puts a heavy load on your back,” and this is the part that got me, ”and that load is love.”   The enigma of the Kingdom–salvation costs everything and the payment is love for love.

Salvation is ours in the Son of God who became the Son of Man. The light of the world has broken through our darkness and brought forth everlasting life through the rending of His flesh. Death has been put to death through the rending of His flesh. The powers of hell have been dominated through the rending of His flesh. The rending of His flesh busted creation to its knees, in which we cry, “Jesus Christ is Lord!” to the glory of the Father.

He is the Hero Captain, showing us what it is to truly be human by truly being God.  It’s not simply about what he has done, when I am lifted up I will draw all men unto me.  It is about what He is, the radiance of the Father’s glory and the exact representation of His being. In what he has done we see just the beginning of who He is.  Forgive them Father they know not what they do, the mystery of mercy uttered in a few words. But those words resound to all of us of an unspeakable love.   A love that is so vast, so broad, it contains the fullness of the Godhead.  Mercy, Lord have mercy on us, we know not what we do.

And the grace of heaven’s Son comes with heaven’s cry, it is finished.  It was for love that HE created the heavens and the earth, it was for Love that HE brought forth a savior in the fullness of time, and it was for love that HE gave Himself as a ransom for many.

And what does HE ask in return but a single request.  A faith alone with love, that flowers into the hope of eternal life.  A Kingdom built on the gift of self from the God that gives, only to recreate an army of givers. This is love for love.