CLARITY:Love and Gold

CLARITY:Love and Gold


I think these two things are the most similar of all things, that is, in how human beings pursue them.  Everyone would like to have them in abundance even search high and low for them, but so little have it.

Now they are the most uncommon of things as well.  The more love a person has within them, the more they give it away to all without distinction of a person’s worth or character, they are like a treasure house with an endless treasure to give away.   Where natural gold is found in an abundance, hoarding is often the effect.

Now my concern is not with material gold, but the treasure of love.

I think this breaks my heart more than anything I have ever learned about the condition of the human heart.  Much could be passed off for love, but underneath the surface is the great self-seeking me.  But love is gift; it flows out all the way to creative joy.

Love is a treasure that so many seek to receive, and so few pursue to give. 

A feeble, weak-kneed sanctity uses God, who is love, for their own end.  Now we all have to start somewhere. Christ said while we were yet dead, He died for us.  Was this so we could kick back and bask in the love of God, while our hearts are so small for God and our neighbor?

The world, even much of the Christian population, marches to the same drum. Christians, of course, have found the proper object of their affections of love, while the world wanders about with their silly statues of affection, but the motive is similar.

Like the dream girl raising her vocals, “You’re gonna love me.”   Even God deals with this problem with His children, but so few really learn.  What is even more remarkable is that this is God’s greatest desire for all of us, even perfect love!  On the day of reckoning one question will be posed to us, “How did you love?”  

On my prodigal return home twenty years ago, I wanted love and forgiveness.  I’d say the prayer and nothing; heaven was shut, selfish despair would follow, and the cycle would continue.  Until finally I got off the ride of self-pitying me, looked to heaven and I said I don’t care if I’m condemned to hell, I will still follow and love you.

In the months that followed heaven opened and I saw the Son of Man.  Radiant love was born in me, so much grace, so much mercy. Had God opened the heavens any sooner for me, He would have done me a great disservice. 

I learned a great lesson maybe the greatest in my entire life, and that at a young age.  Selfless love, whether it be for God or neighbor is the greatness of the Saints.  When we risk it for sure we will be abused, taken advantage of, manipulated, even cursed, but it matters not because we are bearing the image of God in our lives.

Four words is the call–Love God, Love Neighbor.   Make no mistake by our love we will be saved, and by our self-love we will be condemned.

I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives within me.  Oh that I may attain Christ, the light of the world, manifesting in my mortal body that heaven may be born in me. 

A treasure more precious than gold, authentic love made to be given away.