Surf Boards and Row Boats

Surf Boards and Row Boats

Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  I’ve rowed and I’ve surfed; they are two different creatures.  In fact, the type of rowing and surfing I’m considering, every one of you has done the same.

Rowing is man power, by the sweat of your brow to get from point A to point B. Surfing is an altogether different animal. You are being pushed by wave power, but it is not easy.  It takes timing and balance and a keen eye to catch the wave. 

God uses both, but for different purposes in our life.

Often when we’re rowing, we think God is taking us to point B so we row hard, only to not get where we had expected. We say, “God why?  I rowed so hard.”  His purpose was to bring strength to you, fortitude, perseverance, endurance; so that you could ride the wave when it comes.

Catching the wave, how many of us have been fascinated by surfers–so graceful, total freedom, a power and energy pushing them forward. 

Row boats relate to duty, surfing is akin to a life lived in the Holy Spirit. A surfer cannot control the wave, rather they must ride in its energy, move when it comes and be ready. They are not passive as if the wave shall just take them, they have a responsibility, but that responsibility is not rowing.

It is waiting, yes they must paddle out to the optimal distance off shore, but they cannot stand on the board until the right time.  Just because a wave is coming it does not mean it is your wave, this takes discernment.   

And in that moment, by instinct as a child of God you know it’s your wave, time slows down and you flow under a great energy undergirding you in perfect peace, like the eye of a storm where calm resides.  In this place, grace and power and joy in the Holy Spirit just flows.

Yes God does use row boats in our lives, but get some perspective, know what you’re doing in the boat; it’s not about getting anywhere as much as it’s about making you strong enough to ride the waves.

What God is really looking for is surfers–docile, attentive, and strong–knowing in the pipeline all is God and grace just flows.