My Separated Brethren, don’t be afraid

My Separated Brethren, don’t be afraid

Fear causes us to retreat into a place of comfort.  Humans are fallible and we are slow to trust anyone.  The frightening thing in all this is how willing we are to trust ourselves.

Since Guttenberg, we find a false security in our own ability to discern truth in its entirety.  Don’t be afraid, God has preserved His Church, even if men have poorly governed her at times. Christian anarchy, due to private interpretation in the world of Protestantism, is the natural outcome of a spirit of rebellion, even if well intentioned–all because individuals feel they have a better understanding as individuals, over against the corpus of Christians both living and dead.

Tear off the mask of fear and self-determination and see it for what it is, control–whether motivated from fear, pride, or conceit. To cast off 1500 hundred years of lived love amongst the family is a false liberation, even if motives are pure.

But what about this doctrine, that doctrine?  Look brothers, doctrine is nothing more than an explanation of heaven as it is, and multitudes have seen before we ever arrived on the scene.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but Mary is the Queen of heaven, whether you can quote it chapter and verse or not.  All the Church has done is affirmed what has been seen, like Paul affirming the salvific work of Christ.

Your lack of faith is similar to the Jews, unable to see the Christ, holding onto the holy books so tight it blinds them from seeing the Messiah, as they read and understood it.

To the proud and conceited I have very little to say.  Smugness never attracted the Holy Spirit and never will.  Unbelief in reality has less to do with the intellect than we care to believe.  We are hardwired for the truth by design; even logic is limited in its effects upon man. Protestantism as a whole is an oxymoron that is filled with so many holes that if one ship sinks, three takes its place–a chain reaction of Christian fragmentation with no center, no census, everyman a private King in his little mind.  This has nothing to do with the body of Christ for which Christ died!  To not see this is to live in a gross bubble of self-egotism.   Many know this but see no way out.

These are my brothers, for whom I have the greatest amount of compassion and love.  I feel your pain and I know it, stranded in Christian anarchy with no seeming exits.

To hell with fear!   I really mean that, to hell with it!  Afraid to believe something you think is extra biblical, afraid to surrender your biblical security, afraid to trust the faith once delivered–but brothers and sisters, there is no fear in love.

Using the scriptures as self-protection, over against the Catholic faith that gave you the scriptures, biting the hand that has fed you.  Don’t be afraid!  You came to the Lord in faith and you were filled with His love.  Do you not think that the same God who gave Himself also gave us His Church?  Do you not think God in His love will show you the truth, if only you would lay down fear and get out of the boat?

Don’t be afraid!  Mary is there with her maternal hand ready to help.  Don’t be afraid!  The saints of heaven are interceding for you. Don’t be afraid!  Christ the Eucharistic King is being made flesh for you to feed His little lamb.  Don’t be afraid!  The Church has kept the sacred faith, pure and intact. Christ has promised never to leave or forsake her; He loves us far too much to leave us to our own devices. The rock is here to stay, for it was established by the rock of ages. With Mary, I say to you with all the Love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–don’t be afraid! It’s ok, COME HOME. Do not be afraid.