Reflection Gen 2

Reflection Gen 2

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Christ came to give us life, and that abundantly. Two trees in the garden of God. One tree offers life, the other Knowledge, but knowledge of what?

All that God gives is life and it is good, very good. In this chapter I’d like to draw attention to the goodness of God to humanity. God, seeing Adam’s need, creates a creature like unto himself, however this creature is not a mirror image of Adam, but rather a dynamic image that brings forth the most fruitful form of unity. Their intimacy is so profound they are able to reproduce themselves in sweet unity.

Two creatures of the same species, but they are not a perfect likeness, rather they are perfect for each other.  Keep in mind these were created after the image of another species, namely God.  So we observe dynamism between two persons created in the image and likeness of God.

What they are is perfect for each other, the same yet distinct, but for what?  Namely love.  Love is not alone.  It can only be shared amongst persons to varying degrees, but in this primal first we see man and woman.  Their love goes beyond a human social affection, to the point of erotic union where the two become one in ecstatic pleasure and love.

What does this say about the divinity of God, that created this species to reflect His own image and likeness?  This is where things get really exciting, where the mystery of Trinitarian love begins to be revealed to humanity.  In God is a communion of persons, a love so wondrous only erotic human love could only see through a glass darkly, as a type.

The image of God, humanity was ordered after perfect love, not in isolation but as one flesh.  Two persons becoming one flesh literally in procreation, begetting more love. Humans were created in the image of Trinitarian union, communion, and love.  We are literally custom made to reflect the love of the creator of heaven and earth.  Our design is such, and, formed by the God who loves us, it is very good.

A man shall leave his Father and Mother and the two shall become one flesh.

Let us not forget the Trinitarian life of God does not merely stop at this wondrous reflection of love within God. But He takes it all the way to Himself, and calls man and woman to His wondrous love within Himself, where the true mystery of our species is made manifest, as a bride of God to share in nuptial spiritual love in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We are the image of His beauty and created for beauty in union with God.

All is life!