The Holy Ones

The Holy Ones

I am the Immaculate Conception of love–generally this sanctity is found in white martyrdom.  I had a dream a few months ago where I and three others were standing in a line that was heavenly.  We had a code over our heads; one amongst us had a perfect code and the three of us were amazed. Yet we stood in the same line as the perfected code.  An angel of the Lord began to laugh before us.  Like a deep belly laugh, can you believe it?  Then the angel speaks and says,”These are the lovers.” It felt like He wasn’t even addressing us directly, but spoke it out for us as encouragement.

Oh, that we would understand the Kingdom, friends.  I’m afraid that many an old lady praying endless rosaries may be the greatest in the Kingdom of God before the choirs of heaven.  Remember that old lady in the scripture, that gave out of what little she had.  That is pure sacrifice, forever unknown to the world, but seen by heaven.   And we don’t know her name, only the text describes her movements of grace.

I assure you she hardly was an imposing figure, but one man saw the holiness.  All else pitied her or worse, but she was a gem of the Kingdom.  And more importantly the King of Kings noticed her even if we could not.

The measure of heaven is so far removed from us!  I see lay ministers with abundance finding position and place within the visible structure of the Church, educated men with their degrees that provide them with some kind of validation that they are equipped to minister to the sheep of God.  They have a commonality amongst them more times than not, two kids.  Is this the generosity of God it takes to serve the faithful?

I’m certain that we have missed the mark of heaven.  Leaders should be chosen for virtue, love, faithfulness, anointing of the Holy Spirit. Yet our plumb line is pedigree.

Jesus himself wouldn’t qualify.  He was a carpenter by trade.  The Church is anemic, and much of it has to do with governance.  We don’t need over educated people to lead the bride of Christ to white. Beloved we need the HOLY.

We need those that have been immaculately conceived by love to set the Church aflame with the mysteries of heaven.  In fact, they are in every Parish, many of them so humble they are completely unaware of the state of their souls.  These are the hidden gems that should be put on display as image for us, simple wisdom, and simple love.  They may be no more eloquent than a rote prayer.  They may have nothing more to say than that God loves us. But the words by which they speak are spirit and life backed up by heaven.

Our treasures are lost and replaced by papers that declare that people are gems.  Yes the Church has the right to govern as it sees fit, but we are about the things of heaven, where the widow’s gift is the Holy.

May heaven help us to see those that radiate the image of the living God, for our God is a consuming fire.