You Promised me Lord



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Revival is the promise God has made me, that I was a revivalist.  As of late of late I have  given a couple talks to the leadership team of a parish comprised of three parishes consolidated into one under on community over the last few years.  They are forward thinking in renewal of the Church and after hearing my talks, the senior Priest has asked me to speak to the congregation, it is a large parish and yes I am expecting the Lord to come in the fresh fire from heaven filled with love.  All is God and I have been made for this over the last two decades literally.  This shall be the first time I address an entire parish. I had a vision many years ago that a sword would pierce my heart and a blue translucent oil flowed from my heart, if this is not the time than I am greatly mistaken.  If I were honest with myself all that is happening   is the hand of the Lord unfolding His promises to me right before my eyes. We shall see.  Multitudes was the promise, multitudes.  What excites me more than being released to minister is the breath of the promise.  God is getting ready to awaken the sleeper!  My only hope for myself is that I would be in the eye of the storm of love coming upon the Church.