Book Talk Tuesday, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 5, Chapter 5

Book Talk Tuesday, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 5, Chapter 5

CHAPTER V. Examination of your Condition as regards yourself.

1. HOW do you love yourself? Is it a love which concerns this life
chiefly? If so, you will desire to abide here for ever, and you will
diligently seek your worldly establishment,–but if the love you bear
yourself has a heavenward tendency, you will long, or, at all events
you will be ready to go hence whensoever it may please our Lord.

2. Is your love of yourself well regulated? for nothing is more ruinous
than an inordinate love of self. A well-regulated love implies greater
care for the soul than for the body; more eagerness in seeking after
holiness than aught else; a greater value for heavenly glory than for
any mean earthly honour. A well regulated heart much oftener asks
itself, “What will the angels say if I follow this or that line of
conduct?” than what will men say.

3. What manner of love do you bear to your own heart? Are you willing
to minister to it in its maladies? for indeed you are bound to succour
it, and seek help for it when harassed by passion, and to leave all
else till that is done.

4. What do you imagine yourself worth in God’s Sight? Nothing,
doubtless, nor is there any great humility in the fly which confesses
it is nought, as compared with a mountain, or a drop of water, which
knows itself to be nothing compared with the sea, or a cornflower, or a
spark, as compared with the sun. But humility consists in not esteeming
ourselves above other men, and in not seeking to be esteemed above
them. How is it with you in this respect?

5. In speech–do you never boast in any way? Do you never indulge in
self-flattery when speaking of yourself?

6. In deed–do you indulge in anything prejudicial to your health,–I
mean useless idle pleasures, unprofitable night-watches, and the like?