Woman Praying by Ben White

Attention and Distraction and Maybe a Cure?

I’ve been struggling hardcore with mental distraction in prayer. Who hasn’t? Please, if you don’t, teach me! It has come to the point that something must be done. I realized in Mass today…because I was thinking instead of praying and listening…that perhaps the root problem is that I just do not spend time otherwise thinking. So, as soon as it is quiet enough, and something triggers a thought, there I go. Sometimes, at least, they are God-oriented.

I’ve been thinking about writing more. I think I can combine these two goals, writing and thinking more, and see if it bleeds over into a more focused prayer life. November has become a month dedicated to writing challenges, so I will begin my own and see where it takes me. Today was long. The night is already late. But I wanted to get something down and out.

Happy feast of All Saints, everyone!