Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  That is what the woman from northern Quebec said she heard as they were praying over the youth. That is when it happened, at first quiet and then a rumbling so loud, the pews began to shake.  Those present began to shake and then it happened, the fire of God, His chariot wheels in full blaze roared over the people, the fire of His love audible to the ear, but lost to sight, stormed the Episcopal church. Hey, that’s not supposed to happen in an Episcopal church, or any church for that matter!  As these blessed people spoke about it with tears in their eyes many months later, it had left its lasting effects on them; the Kingdom of Heaven had come for a visit. The first time I watched this through Transformations, a revival documentary series, I could not stop laughing.  Not some holy laughter, I have no opinion about that, but the laughter of joy, of God.

His Kingdom is so real all we need is ask!  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Revival did not begin with a Whitefield or a Finney.  It began in the fullness of the faith, outpourings of God over His bride, Apostolic movements that started with a man named Peter, first to the Jews and then to the Gentile. What we call revival in the protestant tradition, Catholics call Pentecost, even John Paul called for a new Pentecost. Holy God, even now the hairs on my arms just saluted heaven. If I won’t praise Him, the hair on my neck will.

Pentecost through Peter, Paul, Patrick, Brendon, Bonaventure, century after century and, yes, my friends we are due once again for the coming of the King in Pentecostal glory.  We are due for the dew of heaven to come to earth; you see Pentecost cannot hold back any more than the passion of heaven’s love could withhold the savior of the world.   Wait for the Holy Spirit!  He will guide you into all truth.

How do I know it is our time, another coming that is corporate revival, a corporate Pentecost? Well every time I talk about it the Holy Spirit jumps inside me, and no, I’m not talking about some over emotional experience chaser.  I know the Holy Ghost and when He turns me up I feel like a rocket, from zero to 10 in a single word.

In fact when I sat down to type this wasn’t even the content in my mind that I sat down to write about. The anointing comes and all I can do is follow.  Come, Holy Spirit!

It’s quite simple to renew the Kingdom on earth; we need a direct intervention from heaven to ignite the sacramental graces on earth. There is no lack in the sacraments themselves, the lack begins and ends with us. We need an outpouring of God to have the proper disposition to receive the full measure of the sacramental grace of God.

Compassion and mercy marks it as our time.  Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. In my last post I reflected on the sad condition of the Church, but it is God’s Church and He shall rescue her, for He loves her as His own flesh.  His love shall not be withheld any more than I could hold my love from my Son that has lost his way, even his waywardness has incited my love and its depths, how much more the love of God Himself for His people. Get ready!  There is a wind turbine getting ready to harness the winds of heaven to be poured over the earth.  An outpouring of the Kingdom, where the great Sacrament of Sacraments will meet our love purified by a new  Pentecost, and light and life and love shall spill out, overflowing to a lost and hurting humanity.  If you can’t sense the anointing on my words than I may be a crazy man, but friends I am crazy, crazy with the fire of heaven!

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!  Come Pentecostal  fire, come revival, Come Hoy Spirit!  Lord show your mercy and love to your bride.  Inflame her once again with the love of the Kingdom.