What I Saw

What I Saw


Union and communion swallowed up by love sustains the universe that is the presence of God himself–eternal interchange of persons.  Once I was walking home from a day of preaching in the streets.  A few blocks from home I looked toward the heavens. I was looking at God, or shall I say God was looking at me, but it was beyond a thick presence of love that is my common experience.

Sometimes I would have a deep interior sense of one of the persons in God, or some attribute that was inflamed by the Holy Spirit of God within me, or enigma like the Lion and the lamb, the contradiction of love and dread.  At other times I would be considering some theological concept that would just turn into heaven’s flame within me, but this day was different.

Trinity is what I saw, even through a glass darkly, and not in a theological moment of inspiration.  Simply God as God. How can I explain what my mind could not wrap around?  Aware of three watching me as one, what I took away from it even now causes me too tingle. What I saw was love!  Love of three loving me, but the love between them caused something like a chain reaction with no beginning within God. I don’t even know how theologically accurate this is.  It was like love had a life of its own within God.  Not a fourth entity or some kind of heresy of sorts, it was like their persons generated uncreated love, and I could see it burn between them.  The burning was interchange as one, but it was not stagnant like calm waters, it was moving like flames within a camp fire. As I watched I felt my spirit and body in wonder, pressure, and ecstasy.

That is the clearest I have ever seen the beatific vision.  Only if we could see, we would all be ruined for the Kingdom, totally ruined.  It brings tears to my eyes even now, and all I can say is God is Love.

Theology applied to reality

Through the blood sacrifice of the Christ we are brought by love into this abyss of love and fire. This triune eternal celebration of love, as bride of God, and the two shall become one flesh.  Salvation is nothing short of being welcomed to share in the mystery and majesty of God Himself.  If we could see what God has prepared for those that love Him, we would die of joy unspeakable.

Christ is the doorway that leads to the joy of the presence.  Jesus Christ our hero, captain of love, blazing heaven with His blood, all the way to the right hand of God almighty.  What I saw corresponds to what He has done, how else could the tale of a Kingdom be brought about, than by the man from Nazareth?  It’s true!   It’s all true.  That man walked on the seas, fed the thousands, raised the dead.  He was and is the life giver; nothing can hold Him back from His destiny.  A communion of love that burns forever, pushes him forward, nothing cannot stop him.  Not even our unbelief, fear, or doubt, will hold Him back, for He is compelled by a love that knows no beginning and has no end.