Self-Conceit, what lies Behind

Self-Conceit, what lies Behind

The mother of all blindness, a vice born in hell that we humans find all too natural–this terrible monster has been found in the intellectual great. I have found it in the dumbest of the dumb,  soothsayers and atheists alike.  It knows no bounds and seems to attract all.

It makes men as silly as an Angel of light declaring to be as God.  PRIDE!!!!!!

I have never seen anything control the hearts and minds of men so universally.  Lust of the flesh pales in comparison.  30,000 Christian denominations have been plagued by it, brother against brother in the name of my truth.  Men bicker over doctrine, actually thinking that they could come to a resolution if only others could _______.

How could common sense reconcile sodomy as an alternative sexuality?  How could tampering with the natural action of sexual union through plastic and latex or perhaps tampering with your biology through hormones be seen as business as usual?  How could gutting life from a mother’s womb be considered a choice? How could my intellect be the final word of Christendom?  How could man be so silly, even harder to reconcile how Christians could be so silly?

The only alternative I can fathom is this simple five letter word. PRIDE

The truth is so obvious a simpleton that has the ability to reason at all would not find it too difficult.  Ethics seem to shift according to our taste. But there is no shadow of turning in God, what was true today shall be tomorrow even if we have lost touch with the obvious.

This losing touch goes back to the same old thing that I have mentioned in prior posts.  The heart begins to harden and the innocence of a child is lost to shall we not eat of the fruit and gain wisdom.  But the wisdom is that of the flames of Hell, knowing evil, knowing rebellion, knowing the hardening of the heart.

And God comes as hero to thrust our pride to death, through the foolishness of blood and nail, wood and flesh.  Nothing can make us come to our senses but love while we were yet dead.  He crushes our pride as He crushes the serpent through humility.

Even laughable, God cloaks Himself in humanity for all eternity to help us see what we were made to be.  He shows us the true man by marrying God to man in a single person.  And Christ comes as light to the world to show us the truth, oh sweetest redemption, fragrance of heaven’s joy!  God has become a man, and the words I speak are spirit and life.

He brings us through love and truth to our senses, and once again we can see the truth. That we were made for the good, the true, and the beautiful, even if inconvenient.  But sadly maddened men still try to use Him as a device.  Now they say, ‘Did Christ say we shall not  eat?’

Using the source of renewal for their humanity to justify their pride!  How shall they escape damnation?  Using the author of salvation to justify the blinding effects of a hardened heart!

Wanting the redemptive work of the man-God applied to them, without wanting to apply that work within them.  Like having your cake and eating it to.   He came to set the captives free, he did not come to set us free from being free.

How weird of a mind game.  Shall I take the red pill or the green pill?  Maybe I’ll take both.  Maybe I’ll take the green pill and call it the red pill.  Confused?  Me, too.  And who is the author of confusion?

Pride calls red, green and green, red, until finally we don’t know the difference, all due to the hardening of the heart of man, incapable of reason and sense because he has become void of love.

Only love for love can respond in truth to the God-man, where reason and virtue kiss and our sensibilities are kept intact.