Love is the Deep

Love is the Deep

Without love Christianity is a fool’s game.

Without love no man shall see God.

Without love there is no salvation.

Without love Satan is the ruler of all things.

Without love mercy is a mirage.

Without love all is despair.

How sad is the human soul that knows not love. How sad is the Christian soul that has not sought love as the pearl of great price.  Love is everything, without it all has no value.

St. John really had a handle on this–God is love.

St. Paul knew it–apart from love I am nothing.

Jesus spoke it– for God so loved…

We cannot learn love in the mind, or gather a few verses in the memory and think we have acquired our greatest need.

Private holiness is love.

Sanctification is love.

Being made perfect in Christ is love.

Love can be observed but not taught, it can only be caught

Love is ‘yes’ to God

Love is Christianity

Without love your Christianity is a lie

Even worse than a lie, it is Antichrist, for God is love

the Truth is love

the Way is love

the life is love

To know Him is to know love

To not know Him is shadows

Only love can see God

Without love we are blind

Christianity is love and love is Christianity

All else is illusion of Christianity if void of love

Christianity without love is a lie

Love costs everything

Love, you must die to rights

Love, you must kiss your enemy

Love, and you have no enemies

Love, and Christ makes flesh in you

No love, no incarnation

Love, the simplest of ideas

Love, the hardest to master

God is love

I am love

You are love

We are Christians

Christians are love

This is the deep calling unto deep

Predestination, the divine prerogative, election, eternal decree, fascination maybe, but without love mere mental conjecture.

The deep is Love