I have rarely met an atheist with a small IQ.  Maybe with the modern interest I have here and there, usually amongst the more wild expressions of what people might call a life of Tabboo. Their reasons are more sociological in nature.  The simple can even show an impressive measure of pride.

But I’m not talking about that sort; I’m talking about a class that could run circles around my little brain.  If they dumb down their arguments I can follow well enough.  What I have done is watched them on you tube, the entire televangelist sort.  I’ve read a couple books that felt like I was drowning in heaviness; wit was present, as well as smugness unmatched.

It is for sure; they have sharpened the intellect and reasoned themselves into unbelief.  I’ve heard more than one say show me God. If I meet Him face to face then I will believe.

This is where I will say no, you will not believe.  It is with the heart one can believe not the head.  Love is the faculty in which we know God and He can be known.  God is love.  To deny God, is to deny love itself.

Atheists have resisted love itself.  Like a man refusing to learn to read, or listen to anyone, or refusing to think. He may have a great capacity for learning but unless He exercises His mind, it will be feeble and weak.

The soul’s capacity to love relates to the object loved.  If I love my fellow atheist brother  as he is, with all of his smug disdain for the notion of God, what am I loving but pride, sarcasm, intellect, reason void of creator, or again reason void of love.

Have you ever met an Atheist communicating their convictions in humility?  At best a veiled superiority flows from them as they communicate.  But most of the time it is not veiled.  There is a quality about them that goes beyond their intellect–anger.  What are they so mad at? Atheists are devoting their convictions to the denial of a person or entity.  But God is love, so in my brain I reason, they have devoted themselves to the denial of love.

You see my IQ is average.  I have done my best to sharpen my mind, but I can only take it as far as I’ve been given.  I barely made it through algebra.  I didn’t even start reading with any kind of zeal until I was 19 years old; I had only read two books before that point in my life.

But here’s the deal.  There is a quality in man greater than mind, that I might call heart.  And with this organ I’ve been given much. I would say I was even born with a high IQ heart. Love flowed out of me as a little boy, even in my season on the run from the King. I could not help but talk about Him, even love Him in my hypocrisy–a drunken fool telling people about the love of Jesus Christ.

My heart capacity would draw strays from all walks of life–the rejected, the lonely, those longing to be loved.  I was a magnet growing up as a kid.  I was rather popular.  I did not know life as an outcast until my military days as a Christian, for the most part.

In my adult life I have developed intellect, but more importantly I have developed heart.  How much love can the human person contain?  Intellect grows by being challenged by superior intellect; genius is formed by other genius, even developed to the greatest capacity possible by association, stretching and being stretched.

And so it is with the heart facility, where the seat of wisdom is enthroned.  My teacher of heart knowledge is God Himself, making my heart brilliant, stretching it’s abilities to places I could not even fathom or begin to understand.  To say yes to God is to say yes to love, and the highest faculty in man begins to grow.

It is a pity that such gifted intellects go under-developed because they have rejected the means of growth to their highest faculty.  Without love it is impossible to see God, because God is love. Like a mind refusing to think, created to grow but it cannot, refusing to learn because thought is illusion of the mob.  Only the elite simple know this.