The Law of the Spirit of Life

The Law of the Spirit of Life

I mentioned there is one law that governs heaven and that is the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.  Now our Church embraces the commandments.  There are many we could break, and in breaking break our union with God even unto death, unless perfect contrition is present or the sacrament of confession or the intention thereof.

Life lived by the Spirit is life and peace, knowing Him and the power of His resurrection, life manifesting in my mortal body. If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation the old has passed and all things have become new. Christ my life, Christ my resurrection, Christ my sanctification, Christ my glorification, Christ my deification. Christ my beginning, Christ my end, Christ my mercy, Christ my righteousness, Christ my holiness, Christ my all in all.

He is the height, the depth, the first, the last, the crux, the glory of creation, the glory of man, the glory of God, the brightness of the Father’s love, even the love of God made flesh, the radiance of the Holy Spirit’s joy to men.  Can I type, yes even forever, the mysteries of Christ?  Christ–lord and giver of life.  Christ–vanquisher of demons, blood giver, God revealer, soul searcher, mercy unspeakable, love without end, my strength, my life , my song, the song of all creation.  The earth is renewed at His return by the mere glory emanating off His deific face cloaked in my image.

Christ is the law of heaven.  Law has been summed up in a person from which all law has ever flowed–morality incarnate. He is the law of God, the command of God, the only command without beginning or end, as God from God, as light from light.  My life, your life, all life that loves Him, is hid in Him, made–destined–to be conformed to him, by love, through love, in love.

This is the law of the Spirit of life, CHRIST!!! Christ Jesus our Lord our God, lifted up in Him by Him–recreated, a second birth, born again, sealed with His mark, set apart for His love.  All our labor toward Him, all our love for Him, all our faith in Him, was born in Him before we even believed on Him. He is the beginning of our faith toward Him, and He shall carry on His work through us.  He shall finish the task of remaking us.

This is the law of the Kingdom.  He has given us the Church to measure the truth by which we live in Him.  We must live in the truth in Him.  Only the truth will set us free.  Ethics and morals are in Him, as the sun gives off heat. To live in the flesh is to live outside Him.  It is void and death.  The mighty Christ has entrusted the truth of the moral life to His Church.  The moral disclosure of the Church’s teaching is as pure as a woman clothed in white.

The law of Christ is single; the ordinances are not. But we are not about keeping ordinances.  We are about Christ in us, the hope of glory.  The ordinances only show us the truth, but they do not empower us to walk in them. In Christ all things are possible, not only possible but in Him is our freedom.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Christ is single; His means are many, flowing from His one sacrifice that comes to us by many means. Whether sacrament, word, human touch, human revelation, infilling of His Spirit, papal decree, the Blessed Sacrament.  All is Christ, and Christ is from God, that He might fill all things in Him.  His body radiates its heat to the members, that they may be inflamed in Him.  The magisterial mind keeps us joined to the truth in Him.  The Sacraments invigorate our life in Him through the Church–one living organism in God, through God, for God, grace upon grace as light unto light, for He is the light of the world and He fills all things unto the full measure of the Kingdom of God, Amen!