The Truth of Love

The Truth of Love

Love has no vice.  Love has no pride.  Love cannot be arrogant, or inflated.

Love is all gift.  To be made perfect in love is to believe what He says about you. Love even believes what He has said to you.

Perfect love believes like a child.  Perfect love is so innocent, it does not question, or argue; it only inspires more love. Love begets love.

Love does not say we’ll wait and see, love believes.

Love is so innocent, so pure. Sacrifices born and love received become interchangeable. Yes, you may feel discomforts in any given situation but love remains, all the same.

Love does not judge ourselves too harshly, nor does it judge others too much. Love does speak the truth but always in love, through love.

Love is freedom to enjoy the Trinity; the more love the more our enjoyment.

Love can forgive any violation; love swallows up violation by love.

God is love.  If we love we live in God.

There is a hate that passes off as love in our culture–loving others in their evil, as if evil were good and worthy of love.  It is morbid and disgusting.  It is anti-love.  Like the 60’s likening illicit sex, even orgies, as love.  God help us in our twisted hearts full of hate.

Homosexual union is absence of love for yourself and the person you’re degrading.  Quietly applauding this conduct is a warped false love veiling hate.

Morality written on the tablets of the heart is love.

Love, true love, is a pure and holy gift.

Holiness, purity, chastity, is love.

Clean hands and a pure heart is love.

Many love the idea of love, but they fail to understand what it is.  They chase a false idea rather than the substance of love.

Love is the truth.  Without the truth, all that is present is the father of lies in whom no love is present, except the love of hate.

Love is not tolerant of evil; love is intolerant of evil.  And in fact love hates evil in perfect love.

Love and the truth will set you free.