Walter A. Aue at Flickr

I have been given twelve children; the first two are sons.  I think I was bit rough around the edges in my early day for my girls to arrive, only one girl amongst the first five.

My first two sons are starting to go through the discernment process to be Priests.  I could not be more graced by God. I guess some of my love stuck to them and heaven moved.  As a devout Catholic father, I could not ask for more in their lives if this is God’s great intention for them.

My fifth son is something of a prophet, a dreamer at this time; he is only ten years of age. A couple days after the death of Peter, Samuel had a dream that our family was inside a chapel.  He saw my two eldest, Elijah and Noah, distributing the Blessed Sacrament to our family.  Stain glass windows surrounded the quaint chapel decked in bright blue.  The imagery was the Stations of the Cross as stained glass.

My boys were dressed in full Priestly vestments, clothed in green, the season of ordinary time.  We took this to mean that they were both called to the ordinary Priesthood, called to serve a local diocese under the governance of a local bishop. The cross and image of the Blessed Sacrament was embroidered on the front of their vestments.

Lily and I and children were staggered in two aisles receiving the Host from both of my sons.  My two sons were full of joy.  Lily and I were both crying for joy.

We’ve started an apostolate under the banner of the Imacculata with another loving family, interestingly enough our patron second to the Virgin is St. Maximilian Kolbe. My son Peter’s funeral, unbenounced to us, falls on his feast day.

Maximilian is the martyr saint during the holocaust.  He gave his life for another, a man with a family.  So it is with my son, Peter, who gave His life for His whole family, particularly his eldest brother.

No greater love is this than a man, or even a baby, lay down his life for his friends.  The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

There is a new evangelization coming to the bride of Christ, and this happy family hopes to play a part in the fresh wind of love hovering over the hearts of humanity.  With the prayers of the saints, my little son has taken his place.

Come Holy Spirit and renew your bride, even through our small offering of love!  Mary, let the wind of heaven blow, stir up those that have gone before us, that grace and Glory may come forth to renew the face of the earth.