Clarity 5

Clarity 5


I have heard a great deal of strangeness as a Catholic–in the local Catholic colleges, my local parish, even the diocesan office–that has been bewildering.  Instead of reiterating all the interesting ideas proposed, I have come to wonder, are people bored with the truth?

We have more encyclicals and papal writings that could keep us all busy reading till Kingdom come. We have over thirty doctors of the Church that stand as bright bastions of faith.  What is the obsession with novelty?  The more out-in-the-land-of-weird in some circles, the more interest.  At times it has felt like many Catholics love everything that is not a part of our tradition.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the whole point of this Catholic journey is that God, in His great love, has safe guarded the deposit of faith within the heart of the Church.  To love her is to honor her, to listen to what she has to say to us.  Why is the truth received as debate at all?  To follow the magisterium is to be categorized as a traditionalist, but I didn’t know there was any other way to be Catholic. Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium, right?  I thought this was as straight forward as the narrow way that leads to life.

For all practical purposes, there seems to be a fourth leg in the minds of many I might call the novelty of me.  This fourth leg makes its way into education at every level.  They love deconstruction and to question anything that hasn’t been nailed down.  They almost go searching for loopholes to present their oddities of faith.

They often hold up their theologians as if they were declared saints, by the fourth imaginary leg on which they stand.  Once I asked why not just give folks the teaching of the Church?  I was told that we wanted to create free thinkers; I fail to understand how indoctrinating people with heresy empowers them to be free or to think clearly.

Isn’t the world bombarding our minds enough in this present age?  Do we really need this coming from the Church?  How boring.

What is the purpose of truth, but to set the captives free!

The tip of the iceberg phenomena hasn’t failed me yet. Where I find one heresy floating around willfully in a Catholic mind, there is a love affair with dissidence.  An antagonism with the ecclesial side of the Church goes without saying.  Not unlike one of my children always questioning everything I have to say.  But the moment Dad says a word that could be twisted to their liking they lift it in the air with a dogmatic declaration.

Friendliness is often common among them; they smile and then tell you a lie.  It’s like Mr. Rogers meets Machiavelli. For sure it is all well-meaning.  They are the prophets bringing us forward to the light of all that is sweet like the Turkish delights in Lewis’s Wardrobe.

Oh and they have this mantra of how the spirit of Vatican II opened the windows and doors of the Church.  They of course hijacked that from Papa, but it would seem that every foul creature and unclean bird flew in as they joyfully danced in the droppings all about them.

The real prophets are those standing with the pressure washers and mops in hand to clean the mess up.