Excerpts from Facebook Chat–Kingdom or Individual


imjustcreative at Flickr

You see Christian institution as opponent. Are Catholics bigger hypocrites then the synagogue? Even Jesus practiced his religion of the Jews, do as they say not as they do. Did He establish the eternal Kingdom as of yet? Yes and no. Time has not been swallowed up by eternity as of yet. From my view you have a misdirected prophetic vision. You live in the eternal Kingdom as hope and seal as do I, yet you pay little head to the institutions in the here and now, yet you are married make love to your wife and this is part of the temporal order of things, when the temporal order benefits your interest your feet are planted firmly on earth, the education of your children, tending to the needs of your wife and so forth. You work for a secular government that gets more wicked by the day, spreading through force an indirect secularism to the world. Masonry spirituality is firmly in our political systems, down with the King up with the individual. I see the spirit of anti-Christ not in Rome it reflects the eternal city but in western civilization that has forgotten God. In its place the individual sits on the temporal throne, every man a King. And from my view Protestantism has fallen prey to this beast, do as thou wilt is the mode of things.

The whole world wandered after the beast, I hardly find in any good company the world lining up to Papal decree, the Bishop of Rome, or any Catholic Bishop for that matter. So if we are near the end of the age as you and I both think, what is the spirit of lawlessness that has not been present for all of recorded history? What has happened to civilization in the last five hundred years that is new that we have never seen before?

The spread of social democracies has been taking over the world since the reformation, down with the Roman See up with the individual, this in effect bore it’s marks in the temporal order that soon followed, the divine right of Kings denied, revolutions followed, America the first Republic apart from small stints in ancient Greece and Rome. This was the heartbeat of Masonry, and still is, every man a King. The spirit of Anti-Christ is that you are King.

You say the Priests take the place of Christ, I would say the Bishops have been given authority to bind and loose, yes. To govern the Church just as Jesus gave His authority to the Apostles. You say no this will not do, instead you take the place of the Bishops and the Church in the temporal order. You define faith and practice for yourself, you decide if sacraments exist according to your liking, your edicts chosen or withheld is the truth. This is not Christianity and never has been. Never did Jesus or the Church ever function in this way ever in history.

Who do you obey? The Holy Spirit would more than likely be your answer. If this was the intention of Christ or Paul than why did they appoint leaders that we were to obey, this would be unnecessary if the Holy Spirit was enough. Obey your leaders, Rex who is your leader?  Jesus already established an order of governance through the Bishops of the church.

Who’s your leader? You or the successors of the Apostles?