The Potter

1 He comes to us in our brokenness as pottery

2 Maybe we’re broken into a few dozen pieces, or perhaps just cracked down the middle.  Wherever we’re at, the pottery has lost it’s use.

3 He moves over the piece or pieces and brings a sweet balm.

4 We take this as glue and try to put ourselves back together.

5 Missing a piece here and there, the balm begins to loose it’s hold, and the piece slowly erodes.

6 We go through this process for quite some time, mending and fixing, mending and fixing, the balm continues to come to help.

7 Until were to tired to hold it together.

8 It cracks and breaks in the same places all over again.

9 Have we learned our lesson yet?

10 The Potter has dealt with our humanity in this, but He’s about to do something wonderful, something terrible.

11 He places the broken pieces on a white sheet and begins to break them more.  What is He doing?  Crushing, chips, shattering, relentless blows, down to dust.

12 Now He is ready to make His pottery.