The Potter who molds our dust

Ground into Dust Unto

1 Dust alone will not do

2 The waters of life to mold

3 The labor of the Potter

4 Time and saturation

5 You will only become what you are

6 If earthly minded, earthen; if heavenly minded, heaven

7 Saturation of the Kingdom is the only answer

8 Where your treasures are, there your heart will be

9 Kingdom time spent on earth is Kingdom time spent in heaven

10 You want to be filled with the Kingdom, you must live, eat, sleep Kingdom

11 Means, live in the treasures of the Kingdom for the Potter to work with–Mystics, Saints, Mass, Adoration, Contemplation, Prayer, Praise, Study, Reflection. Live fully in life circumstances as Kingdom presence for your life. Abandonment to your life as it is before the Kingdom right now.

12 Salvation is in Christ alone, but our journey is in and through the King and His Kingdom.

13 He uses His Kingdom to saturate us with His royal robes of light, apart from the King we can do nothing. In the King we can do all things.  Take advantage of the Kingdom to grow in grace and knowledge of the King.