the answer

The Answer to your Problem

the answer

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I have the answer to every problem that could ever arise in your life.  After you have tired yourself with all your efforts, are completely exhausted of all your resources, prayed and prayed, did your novena’s, made many sacrifices, saw a counselor, spiritual director, danced before the Lord, and shouted at heaven a hundred times.

Just sit down, look up and with the faith of a little child in your Lord and say, “Jesus save me.”

Jesus saves.  Nothing has changed, and it never will, Jesus saves.  Whether you’re ten or one-hundred, Jesus saves.  Whether you know you’re weak or think you’re strong, Jesus saves.  Whether you’re the least of these brethren of mine, Jesus saves.  Whether you’re a person of position or a popper, Jesus saves.

He saved me, and He still is saving me. I am not strong but I know who is. Jesus save me.