Your Bride Oh Lord, Your Bride


James Sarmiento at Flickr

God, I pray that you would heal the Church, bearing her wounds in your Sacred Heart.  Hold not back your tender mercies toward her.  Remember the bride of your youth, when she was clothed with the fire of heaven.  Anoint her head with oil.

The wife of my youth had a dream that the body of Christ was striking their chest and crying out corporately, “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.”  That a spirit of contrition and Godly sorrow would fill the hearts of your faithful.  That our hearts would break for the sins committed and the actions left undone. That we would weep before the altar.  That times of refreshing would come and a new Pentecost would come.

Take back what the enemy has done.  Blinded the eyes of a generation, robbed them of the joy of their inheritance, taken from them the joy of the divine life, and clouded your household from within and without.

Raise up a generation of Joshua’s and Caleb’s that will take back what was promised. Our wanderings have left us desolate in the land of the living. Renew the baptismal covenant you have made with your children.  Restore us to sanctifying grace, and beyond, all the way to divine intimacy.

Pour out your glory on your people, Lord.  Judge us not according to our merit but according to your love.  Deliver us, oh Lord.

Be taken over, oh Lord with her shame.  Overtaken with love and compassion, overtaken with mercy and grace.  Hold not back your movements of grace; hold not back your all consuming mercy.

Release your heart on your bride and lavish her with love, because you can do no other, for your love compels you to move. Oh Lord, how she wants to be clothed in garments of white.  Lord she is so fragile so broken.

Grace upon grace, Lord, as mercy upon mercy.  Send forth your Spirit and they shall be re-created and renew the face of the earth. See her beauty clothed in white made ready as a bride for the bridegroom, in your arms she will be made white as snow.