harvest time

Something Wonderful

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I believe something wonderful is coming. Gospel power is about to be ignited in the Church.  It will be felt by multitudes. It will effect all–Catholics will awaken, protestants will come home, and multitudes will be converted. And it will be through the simplicity of the testimony of Jesus Christ. I think signs and wonders may accompany what is coming, but what will hold this renewal is a revelation of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It will not be about new insights or theological concepts as much as the power of God manifesting as Pentecost through the testimony of Jesus.

It has been burning in the hearts of seers.  I think of John Paul seeing it like Moses without entering into it but in hope. Rome has called for it, American bishop’s have held counsel about it.  I had a locution last year related to it before I knew anything about calling attention to it in the Vatican.

Last month the Vatican revisited Gaudium et Spes, The Church in the Modern World, as to whether it had taken hold within the Church. It has to do with evangelism. As God is my witness I have had one locution in 21 years of being a Christian. It was sandwiched between three consecutive dreams I had. I opened my eyes and heard this, in my head or from without I couldn’t say. “The Church has failed to implement Gaudium et Spes.”  I heard this a year ago, and to watch the movements of the ecclesiastical body move in this direction down to the very document referred is nothing short of God. And why?  On awakening, I didn’t even know if Gaudium et Spes  was jibberish or latin.  I had to look it up to simply find out if it was a Church document at all!  To my joy it is directly related to the hope of all men, Jesus Christ.

If you question my sincerity on the matter simply look back in the earlier archives of my posts.  I wrote about this experience long before the public knew anything about Rome revisiting this document from Vatican 2.

So why is this so exciting to me? In my pre Catholic days I was a street preacher that spoke under the fire of the Holy Spirit.  I have been waiting for years for God to release me to do what I was born to do:  preach the mysteries of God found in the excellencies of Jesus Christ my Lord, the Prince of life, the herald of Love made flesh in the Son of God.  Reveal the riches of the Kingdom and the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ, bellowing from the high places that the immeasurable power of the glory and testimony of Jesus Christ may strike the earth.  That the gospels would strike the earth and cause those in the land of the living to arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. Spirit of the Lord, light the fire and break the chains, the gospel of God can not be held back, for the word of the Lord shall not return void, but shall accomplish everything the Lord has determined. Holy Spirit, come!


It’s harvest time!!!!