Stop Fiddling and Let Him Play

Stop Fiddling and Let Him Play

Brian Hathcock at Flickr

You are saved by faith in Jesus Christ

Sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ

Glorified by faith in Jesus Christ

Made perfect by faith in Jesus Christ

Made holy by faith in Jesus Christ

Prepared for eternity by faith in Jesus Christ

Apart from Him you can do nothing. You cannot pray enough rosaries, go to Mass enough times, fast long enough, or try hard enough. All is Christ from first to last; every ounce of holiness comes from Him, flows through Him, and is found in Him. You can do nothing! No amount of private recollection of sin confessed can help, no amount of effort given will do anything but fill you with pride or despair. In Jesus you have all things, without Him you have nothing. If you could attain anything beyond salvation without Him then you would not need Him for salvation.

I am perplexed by what I hear from pulpits. I’m reminded of Paul saying to the Galatians: “Oh foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you? You who started out in the Spirit, are you now trying to perfect yourself in the flesh?”

Look Christians, we are not justified by faith alone. We are justified by faith as the means, and not by your practices. Practice is the fruit of faith and nothing more. All is Christ and Christ is of God. The workmanship that we give is in Jesus Christ, and this He has prepared in advance for us to do. For we were and are recreated in Jesus Christ for good works, because the work of Christ is manifesting in our mortal bodies, if it is not His work in us we labor in vain, all that will survive is the work of Jesus Christ in us.

So again I say we are saved by faith, sanctified by faith, and made righteous by that same faith. Saints become saints by faith in Jesus Christ, and we are made saints by that same faith. Quit working and let the work of Christ labor within you, you’ll quickly find those hang ups will just fall off you because you have died so the might of Jesus Christ may rule and reign in you.

If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation the old has passed and all things have become new. We are going from glory to glory in Christ. We are growing from the grace and knowledge of God in Christ. We are becoming more than conquers in Christ. Christ is the victor over sin and death in us.  Our bodies are dead because of sin, but our spirits are alive because of the righteousness of God. For the righteousness of God comes through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. Him who was raised has given resurrection life to you. And the life we now live we live by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave himself up for us.

Who will lay a charge against Christ in you?  Who can resist His workmanship?  Get out of the way and let God have His portion. Get out of the way and let the King of glory take His throne . Let the Prince of life robe Himself in His royal robes of your love. Let Him cover Himself in the glory of His creation, and you my beloved are that creation of His glory. Oh bride of Christ, don’t you know who you are? Stop fiddling with your sanctity and let His majesty fill you with blood and light. It is a completion!