The New Ark



On Bradstreet at Flickr

On Bradstreet at Flickr

The New Evangelism is brought about by the hosts of heaven, by the woman clothed with the sun, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Wherever the Ark of the covenant went, the glory of the Lord was present, rumblings, thunder, and lighting and I saw a woman clothed with the sun. Evangelism from above is pure power, wait for it, cloven tongues of fire fill the hearts of the faithful and thousands are converted in a day.

The woman brings forth a man-child and the hosts of heaven arrive to declare the wonder of His arrival. She is still laboring to give birth to the Kingdom in you and me. As time approaches timelessness, her mission is heightened and her mantle has been glorified as Queen of Heaven. Heaven coming to earth, heaven touching men, heaven breaking into time is the new evangelism. The glory of the Lord comes and questions cease, doubts are put to rest in the face of uncreated light and the world of eternity comes into focus.

Mary is the fulcrum of the New evangelization, God’s glory must find a resting place and she has become a holy habitation of the living God. But she is not alone, myriad of the heavenly host stand at her right and left to do the bidding of the Lord. In her fruitful womb are sons and daughters that have touched her love and in touching her they have touched the face of the Father of all who is over all, who is in all. The birth of Christ in her maternal womb persists not according to the flesh but children born after the Holy Spirit of the eternal God head. All is heaven for those who have eyes to see.

Theology is perfected with the eyes of faith, where dogma and doctrine become a lived reality through faith hope and love. Where doctrinal instruction in the intellect becomes eternal life within the soul. This is not mysticism but rather Christianity. Christianity is to live in the material world and seeing by love the world unseen.

You wish to view the world unseen with the intellect simply open the Revelation of John. But to see it in the inner person the heart must be lifted by faith to see the Lamb as of slain before the foundations of the world. We cannot control what we see but we must have a pure heart to see what is given. “ Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” So what have I been seeing as of late through the eyes of faith? Or rather what has heaven been showing me?

Mary the mother of God, her Apostleship as the great conductor of eternal life flowing to the body of the living Christ. She who is full of grace, full of God, full of the eternal Kingdom is raising up saints in this hour to be burning embers of the living God, being formed in her immaculate womb. I cannot explain the nature of heavenly things, they can only be known in ecstasy as union through the power of the Holy Spirit. The word of their testimony and the blood of the lamb is on their lips and the heat of heaven burns in their heart. The more they see heaven in love the more they encounter eternity in interior delights. A heavenly burning becomes their sacred heart, where the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary mingle within them, and they become sons and daughters of God.