The Audacity of God

Piggy backing on my experience Saturday evening, I was more than eager to spend time with Him in Adoration on Sunday night.  As I knelt before Him in the few, brief minutes that remained at the end of Youth group, I reflected on the previous nights encounter.  My eyes adjusted to the dim light and I seemed to hyperfocus on the host.  I said a few personal prayers, but what overwhelmed me is how outrageous this is that the God of the universe should come to us this way!  I have some empathy for atheists.  Our faith is almost too much to believe.  It truly does require a gift of faith.  Who could ever believe that an all powerful God would not only take on the form of  a being He created, suffer the indignities of natural life, but the even greater torture and cruelty of death as a criminal.  Not only that, but raised up, ascended to where He belongs, He chooses to return to us continually, in an even lower form!  An object, created by a created being, and not just in the whole, but in the tiniest crumb, contains Him entirely.  This is either a lie of the most outrageous kind, or it is true.  I cannot fathom the full implications of this mystery, but my soul resounds that it is true!