The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, a treatise to the world for the world, this document is truly unique from the Holy Spirit.  It is written for the world as a sort of Apology to the needs of every man.

Read the text in full.  Pour over it.  It is the macro vision of the mind of Christ regarding man’s need and society’s as a whole for our modern times.  I am not a commentator as such; you will see no quotes from me, and I wish only to capture the intent as I see it and relate it into inspirational action on our part.  In other words what I draw from my time of prayer and reflection that lends to inspiration to me, I shall relate to you.

For a theological study of the text always, and I mean always, go to the source.  I am just a son on fire where you can light your flame. If you’re looking for a commentary, I am not your man. I am just a heat source in the house of God, if I give warmth draw near and catch the living flame of love.

It is our time, brothers and sisters, friends of Mary our Queen.  It is time for the Saints to arise in love, it is our time to do mighty acts of love, corporal acts of mercy we Catholics are quite refined at, but the spiritual acts of mercy we find challenging, but this is the time when the world has seen do gooders to the point of nausea. Saving trees and the spotted owls gone wild, gospel little G in action, without the force of a bloody Lord redeeming man’s interior soul, is a warped Christianity at best–a world utopia, drunk with social justice, with a Jesus name tag for the sake of image.  Our Jesus is not a tag to justify our secret Unitarianism; He is King and Lord, master of all creation, the Lord and giver of life. Ours is a Kingdom we live in by sanctifying grace before a great cloud of witnesses, declaring the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  Only faith in the work of Christ, a revelation of Jesus Christ, an awakening of the Christ within, and not this strange christ within, this cosmic weirdo christ, that appears as a demon ripping off the name of my Lord.

I’m talking about Jesus Christ.  The one who cried Father into your hands, the one who is the only begotten Son of God, the one who called you by name, who loved you and gave himself up for you, this Christ who is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven, my Lord and my God.

We are a community of this Christ. His love is our love.  His heart is our heart. His sacred heart is our sacred heart.  May his love for man be our love for man. He came to destroy the works of hell; we are all called to destroy the works of hell.

The destroyer has taken captive through his cunning much of the church, and the world, through lies, the Father of lies. But we are of the truth, for our Lord is the way, the truth and the life. We must carry Him with power to a world lost in the great lie.

They shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free.  You are the truth and the life!  Jesus Christ dwells in you through faith, and by His mighty love within you, you shall destroy the works of the enemy. You shall set the captives free.

Look into their noise, their pain, the agony of not knowing God–isolation, loneliness, living in the lie that they are not loved, that sin is enlightenment and that darkness is their freedom.

Penance, penance, penance, compassion for lost souls, weep before the throne of grace my brothers and sisters, mourn for the world, mourn with your Lord, mourn with his Mother.  May love and compassion compel us to weep–a weeping that is beyond our sentiments of mercy–a mercy from heaven to compel us to act.

Only say the word and they shall be healed, go forth in the love of Christ and act, don’t pacify yourself with do gooding, and speak the word of the Lord, as the apostle Paul, as Peter, the heralds of faith.  Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain, speak boldly for Christ!  Pentecost came at prayer, and then the preaching of the word of Christ.

Articulate your Catholic faith with force and courage!  Let the word go forth from your mouth and it will not return void. Faith is the beginning of the journey, but faith comes by hearing and that by the word of God.

Declare the Nicene Creed in the city square, to your friend, to a loved one.  Testify of the power and glory of the love of Jesus Christ!  Dare people to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Challenge our separated brethren about the Virgin. The power of heaven is with us, and will be even unto the end of the age.

I love you.  Take courage, you can do it in Him. He will be with you, be not afraid.