For the Lamb

For the Lamb

Nothing but love and the call of God.  You, my friend, have the answer to every person’s question, the answer to every question worth asking:  Jesus Christ and the power of God.  Heaven has awakened in your heart, and you are an ambassador for the King of Kings. He is your charge and has called you to go forth and do all things He has commanded you.

You say that you are so small. My response is yes, but our God is so big.  Big enough to fill you to overflowing with eternal life, big enough to be seated with Him in heavenly places, strong enough to overcome by the word of your faith and the blood of the lamb, slain before the foundations of the world.

Big enough to pray even now, “Here I am Lord; send me.”  Get out of the boat, start walking, and see what the mighty Christ does through His little one.

“What do I say?” is the wrong question!   What will He say?   Speak through me Lord.  Move in me, and let the glory of God be revealed in me through faith, hope, and love.  No fear, but faith.  No doubt, but hope, moving mountains by the one who spoke them with a word.  Moving in the light and life of God.  Receive the power of God in confirmation; now confirm that sacrament by what you do.  Whether you like it or not you are a little Christ, a Christian, and as such you are called to spread the fragrance of the Kingdom where ever you go.

Most will think you have lost it, except those pregnant with heaven in their bosom.  Does He have a demon, perhaps he needs a bit of therapy, or is a religious fanatic?  Friends, St. Francis was a fanatic.

Many were so fanatical that they gave their lives for their fanaticism.  Oh, that the Catholic Church would be filled with fanatics filled with the Holy Spirit!

Fire and fanaticism, even to be consumed with the love of your Father’s house, burning with the glory of the eternal Kingdom. Perhaps the light of heaven may begin to radiate from your face as with Steven, or maybe you’ll get stoned with Paul, or crucified for love of the gospel, love of heaven, love for the Son of Man. Love burn the chaff and set us ablaze.

We Catholics are so polished we’ve lost our edge; we have so much and we forget why.   Heroes mark our history; fanatics for love in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  People that laughed in the face of modernity and said, I follow a Kingdom filled with uncreated light.  These are people that did the impossible because they followed an impossible God.  They heard Him whisper, and they believed.  The Church has never made ground for heaven by following the status quo.

“Let’s be nice,” will not storm the gates of hell.

I don’t want nice compromise; I want love and holy fire. I want the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven manifesting in the bride of Christ.  We need to be the sacrament of fire that sets the world ablaze.  We do so much good in the world yet the dynamism of heaven is lost amongst us.  We may have the fullness of the faith present amongst us, but is it present in us?  We are in the household of faith where the angels and saints cry HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. But are we being made holy, holy, holy?  Are we on the altar becoming the sacrifice we profess?

For the Saints of God, and for the Lamb!