Man is Man

Man is Man

Progress, a true evolution, is when we shall all put on immortality.  This is the only real chance in man, even a new birth in Jesus Christ.

Culture through the millennia is in constant flux, but man is man with all the same needs and desires that are unchanging. “My heart was restless until it found its rest in thee, oh God.”  We are the culture of evangelism; there is no mystery about the Gospel and its presentation to the world.  Speaking and writing, and arts, nothing has changed except the means to communicate through these mediums.

We know the mind of the modern age more than any historian 200 years from now could, for we are children of this age, best equipped to minister to our own age by being that which we are, a part of the modern age.  What is unchanging is the Spirit of truth that rested on a Bonaventure, a Patrick.  Apostleship is the grace to be sent from above to man.

The Gospel is unchanging as the God who created heaven and earth.  Man in his creativity may change his surroundings, but he changes not. The same Holy Spirit that came in the dusty stone streets to the mob in Jerusalem is the same Holy Spirit that can speak through the highways of internet traffic.

I’m a primitive.  Give me the city square and I’ll raise my voice like a trumpet.  Perhaps this is not the most effective mode in our culture of communication, but I’ve always been a bit counter-culture any way, liking old things like the ancient faith.

The face-to-face encounter of human beings presenting the Gospel of love should never be replaced by modern media, yet God will use all things.  My taste is not the issue but the movement of the Holy Spirit. And modern media is here to stay, and we must use every vehicle available to us to communicate the Kingdom of God.

Although I would love to see a revival of the primitive means, an army of street preachers in the cities of the earth that are Catholic and on fire, declaring the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I’ve never met a Catholic street preacher as of yet, while I’ve met many protestants.  I wonder if we are too refined for our own good?  Too much tact.  Jesus seemed to be missing this quality.

Faith comes by hearing and that by the word of God. Paul says, how shall they hear, unless one is sent?

We must be sent.  A blog shall not do.  How many people are searching for Christ in a blog?  In fact, how many people are searching for the Catholic Church at all?  We must go to them on their turf.  We are so discreet about our convictions; I was not evangelized a single time about the Catholic Church, until my sister converted.

We have the truth on our side!  Heaven is with us, but where are the laborers in the highways and byways lifting up our Eucharistic Lord?  The poor and broken are everywhere, we just need to go to them with the love of Christ.  I fear that modern media enables us to hide from them behind our computers and air conditioning.

Mary, raise an army of laborers for our time to go and be the Kingdom face to face, even through the media.

I think Protestants and the world at large needs to see a militant Catholic Church, full of a sacred zeal of the Christian faith lived and heard, with power and might–radical love and sacrifice demonstrated by word and deed.