BlindfoldedManChristians that live in their head, you would think amongst many that we are not in a war of good versus evil, where we are the booty.  Go sit in a third world country where bombs and bullets are a part of the daily routine, this would be closer to the spiritual world that we see  than not. The enemy is the prince of the power of the air.  Christian naturalist I might call them, they’re the ones that roll their eyes at me in a sort of mechanical disdain.

Look, hell is constantly in your face!  The world, the flesh, they seem to acknowledge. But the devil?  Isn’t that a bit medieval.  How many scriptures would I have to quote to convince you?  Look, I’ve seen much of God by way of spiritual encounters, and why wouldn’t I?  I dwell in the living Christ, if you don’t know Christ as your life then you have a bit of way to go.

Likewise, if you don’t know hell and the presence of its darkness then perhaps you are in a prison of bondage with the world.  We do not struggle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers that would simply like to see you in hell, that is their aim and their goal.

I have seen spiritual warfare before I was Catholic and afterward and to my regret, it is real.  All too real.   As a Protestant preaching in the streets I would observe the demonic all the time.  Most of it was on individuals.  Direct attacks would come in the night, more times than not.  Usually they would manifest in an oppositional way toward me when I was laboring for freedom and deliverance in someone’s life.

One such incident was eye opening for me regarding the Catholic Church. One of those third cousins, twice removed invitations for dinner.  He was a Protestant Christian. After dinner I sat with Him in the living room and began to watch Him talk about the Catholic Church. His eyes bugged and rage began to seep from His face.  I could discern something was manifesting in Him that He considered righteous indignation, of course, but I saw something else, that which I saw in the streets amongst the demonized  as a  daily routine of street preaching.

It made me think over the years I had seen this before in different Protestants, an irrational raging hatred.  Since when was rage and hate ever a fruit of the Holy Spirit?  And this was not as uncommon as I care to admit.

This I might call the Apologetic of Hate. I’ve never seen Protestants crawl out of their seats and roll on the floor in pain regarding Mormonism or Jehovah Witnesses, for sure their doctrines are strange enough as well.  In fact I had seen that same hate in myself years before, and I knew its source but I did not know why.

Why all the fuss?  If deception was the Catholic lot would it not provoke pity amongst the thousands of Protestant establishments? In fact, the only universal agreement amongst them is defined as a protest,  a rejection of Catholic authority. The greatest unifying doctrine outside of the incarnation is that the Catholic Church is bad.  But the world has a hatred for the Catholic Church as well.

Satanists love to rob hosts from Catholic Churches and desecrate them. Why would they do this at all?  Their rituals are akin to turning the Catholic liturgy on its head through debasing mockery. If the Catholic Mass is some sort of strange perversion of Christian worship, why would they seek to mock it at all?  Wouldn’t it already be a mockery?  You’ve all heard of the Satanic Mass, why not the satanic praise and worship band mockery?

Even the death metal bands, more times than not, rage against the Catholic Church.  Would this not be counter intuitive unless?….

Some characteristics:  it is the largest body or people group in the world; it is the oldest institution in world history and has the clearest doctrinal statements ever written regarding faith and morals. Simple enough, if you’ve swam its waters of faith as a sincere Christian, it is anything but antichrist.

But antichrist is in the world even from the first century according to St. John.

Now remove the veil and see the truth.

Satanists love to desecrate the Catholic Church’s rites  through mockery.  Against no other church or religious group do they practice this, that I know of.

Protestantism often produces formally and informally a demonized view of Rome, that she is the whore of Babylon, the seat of Satan.

I have observed a demonic hatred toward her by Protestants particularly; where does this evil come from, if not the father of lies?

The secular world hates her moral restraints with an unrelenting contempt.

Groups within that have embraced the world’s modernist ideology have a passionate hatred for the authority within her, particularly the Vatican.

People love to accuse her, if given a reason, like, ‘I knew it; you see she is a devil.’  Not that I avoid the sad state of things and lack of accountability.  At times this is shameful.  But I’m talking about the zeal from all directions it gets, like everyone standing at attention.  Crucify her, Crucify her.

A mob crying out for death, but within the mob are enemies that share a common disdain and hatred. A unified contempt.

Even stranger are the ones that have left her.  They have an opinion that often smacks of wild defamation.  That is, by personal experience, nothing short of lying.

When I have shared her with friends I often get attacked by demons that night, if I were deluded and in the grip of the enemy why would He torture me if I’m dispensing falsehood?  Would He not wish to encourage me in my Catholic enterprise of evangelism, if it were His house?

Stop and think!  Could you be wrong?  Could the obvious be true?

Satanists, Modernists, Secularists, Masons, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Baptists and the Christian cults hate her even more. All share this in common morbidity, to one degree or another.

Even with a hatred that is rare. You’re in a war and the booty is you.