weep for the church

I weep for the Church

weep for the church

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Has there ever been a time with greater access to truth?  We have the knowledge of the whole world–the vastness of space, the infinitesimal perfection of creatures too small to see.  But how, in all of the wonders of the world, have we lost God?

We use our knowledge to puff us up and our hearts become hard.   Our Church, all of those called by the name of Christ, is laid waste by rebellion, resistance to authority, avoidance of natural law.  We rest on our own understanding and confuse it with truth.

The Holy Spirit waits, waits for our cries.  But we are confused by the maneuvers of the devil.  He’s wily and has out-flanked us.  His forces have split our army, and in the fog of confusion and desperation we wage war amongst ourselves.  Will it take nothing short of persecution to bind us back together?  Can we lower ourselves off the modern horse long enough to weep for our children, weep for our brothers, weep for our elders.

We have the power to move the world, but it is not by seizing earthly power!  It’s all in laying down our pleasure, our comfort, our personal security, laying it all down to plead for our world.  My whole life, I was exhorted to evangelize.  As Catholics, we’re being urged to catechize.  These things are not wrong, but they won’t work.  These things are just more knowledge.  “Do you know that you’re saved?”  “Do you know why we believe?”

We have to bring the Kingdom.  Are you ready for the Kingdom?  It begins in our hearts, giving it all up, holding nothing in reserve.  Are you ready to be the littlest in the Kingdom?  Until you can be the littlest, you will never be granted more.

Christianity is the hardest religion.  Christ demands all of you.  Sure, you can go halvsies and perhaps you’ll make it through the pearly gates, as if through fire.  But to hear, “Well done!”  He requires you to be purely what he made you.  And it’s not solely about the end.

Our time is now, what shall we make of it?  If your Christianity is easy, you’re doing it wrong.  Our world can no longer abide easy religion.  We’re called to get dirty, to face the truth, to usher in the Kingdom.  Christ’s heart bled for the Church, can yours?  The battle lines have been drawn.  Can you lay down your self and be united with the army?